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About Our Founder:

The founder of our company is a securities and business law attorney. In fact for many years he advised other law firms that had clients that wanted to go public.

The founder of our company is a securities and business law attorney. In fact for many years he advised other law firms that had clients that wanted to go public.

Any company can go public even a new business venture. You can take your company public without the use of a public shell company. If you are an attorney, CPA, investment banker or advisor to other companies we can create a brand new public shell company for you.

The company we can form for you would be an SEC reporting public shell company which the Securities and Exchange Commission classifies as a blank check company. An SEC reporting blank check public shell company is a company that was registered with the SEC to go out and find a company to merge with. The shell company will not have had a business in it previously so it would be pristine. It is created only to go out and find a company that wants to go public and to do a merger. This is called a reverse merger.

One of the chief reasons companies do go public is because generally a public company is worth more than the same company if it is private. Other reasons may include using the stock in a public company to trade for advertising, make acquisitions or to use as currency for a variety of purposes.

Another common reason companies go public is because a private company is not permitted to advertise for investors. However, a public company that follows all regulations pertaining to securities including registering shares with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) may be able to advertise to investors regarding the sale of their stock. Please make sure you are advised properly before offering any securities for sale.

Being a public company and having a stock symbol gives a company a great deal of prestige and credibility. A public company that follows all the securities regulations can go right to the public and ask them to invest. Private companies can not go to the general public and do this.

We have a variety of research reports that we would be happy to email to you. If you would like us to send you additional information you can simply contact us via email or give us a call and we will send you the various research reports that we have with regards to the benefits of going public.

We do not raise capital. However, we have a program where we can introduce you to our network of over 7,000 institutional investment sources. We can also make introductions to our network of investment bankers. www.investment–bankers-association.org



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Disclaimer: Please consult with your own professional associates before making any corporate decisions. Please be advised this in not legal advice and this is not to be viewed as investment or financial advice. We are not offering to sell stock or any kind of security. Please check with your own legal or financial consultants if contemplating going public including a private or initial public offering. The information included is not to be used to make any decisions please use your own professional advisors. We are not recommending you go public. If you are considering going public we ask that you engage the proper professionals to assist you. Also we are not recommending that you go public. We are not recommending reverse mergers nor public shells. Going public is a decision you can make based on your own particular set of circumstance. It is suggested when making any kind of decisions you have your own professional advisors. The information offered here is opinion and may not be up to date or accurate. We hope to update this site from time to time but are under no obligation to do so. We thank you for visiting our website.